VIN: 0448 MD

Successful period competition history
Ferrari Classiche Certified, retains its original engine, gearbox, and bodywork
One of only five Pininfarina Spiders with “covered headlight” style bodywork
Extensive overhaul completed by Ferrari Classiche in April 2019

A superb example of Ferrari’s lightweight sportscars from the 1950’s, 0448 MD is one the best examples of this model type in the world.

Named to mark the world ("Mondial") championships won by Alberto Ascari, the 500 Mondial featured a 2.0 L version of Lampredi's four-cylinder engine in a small and light body with an advanced suspension.

The 500 Mondial's 2.0 L engine was taken from the 500 F2 which won the world championship but was detuned to produce 170 hp. It was extremely light at 720 kg and handled well with a modern de Dion tube rear suspension. These race cars proved successful throughout the 50’s and are very easy cars to enjoy on track.

This 500 Mondial was the 12th of a total of 13 Pininfarina Spiders built and one of only five built with the unique “covered headlight” style bodywork only available in the first series of cars.

It was sold to Scuderia Parravano and the enjoyed 2 years of success in Californian sportscar racing, in particular at Willow Springs where the car was always on the podium.

0448 MD has always been looked after during its lifetime and has had a mere 3 long term custodians over the past 60 years. Earlier this year the car returned to the Ferrari factory, where it has been inspected by Ferrari Classiche and undergone a comprehensive cosmetic restoration as part of the process in granting red-book certification.

Remarkably for a car of its era, let alone a race car, the car’s certification binder confirms that it retains its original engine, gearbox, and bodywork, truly affirming its status as one of the finest 500 Mondials in existence.