VIN: 3407

1 of 200 examples made
Spectacular 5 year $400k restoration

In response to customer demand the 250 GT cabriolet was conceived as a true gentleman’s grand tourer, a car capable of crossing continents at high speed and in supreme comfort. Delivering the performance that Ferrari’s usual clientele had come to enjoy, the 250 GT cabriolet gave no concessions to luxury. With a spacious boot more than capable of holding a weekend’s worth of luggage for two, it was the ideal choice for motoring along the South of France or the Italian coast.

This second generation of the Pininfarina-designed cabriolet was launched at the 1959 Paris Motor Show with a handful of mechanical and cosmetic updates over its predecessor. Perhaps the most noticeable change was the car’s new open headlights, along with a slightly more rounded nose and rear bumpers, matched with elongated tail lamp lenses. Looking to increase comfort, both the interior and boot were redesigned to offer more space as this clearly aimed at those who intended to really use these cars as Grand Tourers.

The new Series 11 Cabriolets were fitted with the latest more-powerful Colombo V12 engine with outside plugs, coil valve springs and 12-port cylinder heads, coupled to a four speed with overdrive gearbox, giving a top speed of approaching 150 mph. The fitment of the newly introduced four-wheel Girling disc brakes and the latest Koni shock absorbers also provided the car with handling to match the performance of the engine.

1 of 200 examples made, this example was delivered new in April 1962 to Kenneth Silk of New York. In fact this car was looked after in America by a series of enthusiastic owners for over 40 years and before arriving in Europe was subject to a spectacular $400,000 restoration over a 5 year period which is evidenced by its fabulous condition today. Talacrest have owned this car previously and can vouch for the fact that it drives as well as it looks.