High-goal polo with classic and modern ferrari

Talacrest are delighted to support the 2023 Prince of Wales Trophy as title sponsor

Some of you may be aware that Polo has been an enduring passion for Talacrest Chairman, John Collins, for many years.

In its heyday 20 years ago, Talacrest Boxers enjoyed a great deal of success, winning numerous high profile events. As a lifetime honorary member of the Guards Polo Club, John still has an active involvement in the sport through the Talacrest Young Player of the Year awards and was therefore happy to assume title sponsorship of the Talacrest Prince of Wales Championship.

Below are links to various galleries containing photos from the Talacrest Prince of Wales Polo Championship, played at Guards Polo Club, Windsor Great Park. Featuring at the event were a number of cars that are for sale from Talacrest. Links to galleries of these cars at the event are below.

2022 Event

Cars Gallery (39) Ferrari Owners Club Gallery (22) Polo Gallery (12)

2021 Event

Pre-Final Gallery (20) Cars Gallery (156) Cup Final Gallery (32) Awards Gallery (76) Guards Polo Videos (3)