Ferrari 250 GTO


The Ferrari 250 GTO did not reach anywhere near the price expected - and having dealt with 8 x 250 GTO transactions in the past - we would venture that on the some of the very big cars, a public auction is not always the best method to get the best results for the car. Often the buyers of these type of cars shy away from profile and it is sometimes easier to protect anonymity outside a public auction environment.

Of course - this is not the case on all classic Ferrari - other wise we would never advertise cars - but on some really big transactions we have undertaken in the past year where we have signed strict confidentiality agreements - the buyers and sellers demand anonymity - and often prefer their purchase and the price is not recorded by all and sundry.

Talacrest was pestered by people to buy the Maranello Rosso Violati collection for the past 2 years. In April this year we had the opportunity to close the deal and purchase the collection.
We declined to take up the offer to make the purchase as the collection had been touted around by too many so called brokers and having done our sums on all the cars - we decided the collection was overpriced for the quality of the cars offered. The one car we wanted to buy was our old Ferrari 250 GT SWB Speciale Aerodinamico - and we were the under-bidder last night.