Ferrari 212 Inter Coupé Ghia-Aigle, Chassis #0137 E 

One-off bodywork by Carrozzeria Ghia-Aigle of Sion, Switzerland 

1951 Sold new to first owner Henry-Gustave Thiébaud, resident in Bellmund, Switzerland

Late 1950s Exported to England

Then Fitted with a large air vent on the hood, front and rear bumpers added, modern rear lights, plexiglass windows, split windshield replaced with a one-piece unit

1960s Sold to F. J. Buckland, England 
Registered on British license plates “EAM 212 L”

May 5, 1974 Raced by Buckland at the Prescott hillclimb on race #101 A

1980s Sold to dealer Dan Margulies, London, England

1985 Owned by Robert Marceca, USA

December 1989 Sold to Mark McClintick (MidBanc Leasing), resident of Columbus/OH, USA, who kept the car on the old British license plates

June 1992 Shown at the Meadow Brook Hall Concours at Rochester/MI, USA

July 1992 Shown at the Ferrari Club of America National Meeting and Concours in Grand Rapids/MI and at Grattan raceway

November 1994 For sale by Ferrari of San Francisco in Mill Valley/CA, asking price US$ 295’000

September 1995 For sale by Symbolic Motor Car Company of La Jolla/CA, USA

October 1995 Sold to Yoshiho Matsuda in Japan

May 9, 1996 Driven in the Mille Miglia by Yamano-Yamano on race #245

1997 Featured in the Japanese magazine “Scuderia”, issue #12

May 2002 Sold back to Symbolic Motor Car Company in La Jolla/CA, USA Advertised for sale in Ferrari Market Letter

August 2002 Sold by Symbolic to Charles Arnott, resident in MD/USA

2004 Sold to Warren De France, resident in Auckland, New Zealand Registered on New Zealand license plates “00000”

May 17-20, 2007 Driven in the Mille Miglia by De France and Rogers on race #225

June 24, 2007 Shown by De France during Ferrari’s 60th Anniversary Concours d’Elégance at Fiorano, Class #1

July 2013 Sold by De France to Symbolic Motor Car Company of La Jolla, CA/USA

August 2013 Traded by Symbolic to Talacrest 2000 AD, Ascot, Berkshire, England

September 2013 sold by Talacrest

September 2014 bought by Talacrest