VIN 0829GT
European Registration
Condition: Restorable
Left Hand Drive (LHD)

This is an amazing barn find Ferrari 250 Pininfarina Spyder Series 


Chassis 0829 was delivered in 1957 to French chemist M. Du Pont


M. Du Pont used the car in national competitive events throughout the late 1950s.


Following an accident at the Ralle National du Touquet in June 1959 the car was returned to the Ferrari factory at Maranello where it received overhaul and servicing with the bodywork given the latest styling upgrades from a PF series 1 Spyder to that of a California Spyder and was completed in 1959/ 1960 by Scagletti.  This is documented.


The car then returned to M. Du Pont in France.  Images depict that very day when he first got the car returned as a California Spyder.


Du Pont retained ownership of 0829GT until 1969 when he sold to a French aristocrat of the Northern French region by the name of Beaumont.  Beaumont retained ownership of the car for less that one year prior to selling the car in 1970 to the last owner.


The car remained in this ownership until the present day.  The last owner used the car until 1978 whereupon the car was placed in a lock-up garage in Lille in Northern France where it remained untouched, unknown and undisturbed until 2007.


The car remains untouched and unmolested from the Du Pont period and is one of the most important and original Ferrari discoveries of modern times.  The opportunity to acquire such a superb discovery in such fantastically correct original condition is unique.  Since discovery, the engine has been recommissioned and is running freely with excellent compressions and oil pressure, and the braking system has been overhauled.  It is truly an unmolested barn find.