Ex - Eric Clapton, RHD, full competition factory engine (1960 Le Mans class winning engine) - fitted by the factory, outside filler, 250 GTO style dashboard.

Car was the subject of an extensive feature in Classic Cars - September 2013

Original exterior color: Grigio Argento
Original interior color: Pelle Nera VM 8500
Chassis type 539
Engine type 168 F, internal #358 F
Gearbox type 539
Differential type 539
The 61st of a total of 165 units built
Steel body

January 1, 1961 Factory completion date
January 1961 Sold new through the French importer Franco-Britannic Autos in Paris to the first owner Louis Gamet, resident in Bougival, France
September 19, 1961 Car returned to the factory because of lack of horsepower, the original engine #2335 GT was removed and replaced by the factory with the 250 GT Berlinetta engine #2001 GT and the car then sent back to the original owner with 247 hp. The original dashboard was replaced to special client order
(Factory Order #197/AC dated 19th September 1961)
1960s Front slightly damaged in an accident, repaired
1982 Gamet died and his estate sold it to second owner Henri Chambon, resident in Cagnes-sur-Mer, France
1984 Sold by Chambon to Marc Blank, England
1990s Sold to UK dealer Gregor Fisken in London, England who re-sold it to Anthony P. Bamford, Stoke-on-Trent, England
Then Totally restored by DK Engineering in England, repainted gunmetal grey with two red stripes.
Registered on British license plates "23 VT"
August 1995 Owned by Marc Blanc, resident in Cagnes-sur-Mer, France
December 2000 Offered for sale by Andrew Hall & Peter Bradfield Ltd. in London, England
Then Sold to Alex von Mozer's VSOC Very Superior Old Cars in Holland
March 2001 Sold to British pop star Eric Clapton, England
Registered on British license plates "TFO 599"
2003 With DK Engineering, England, for sale
February 2004 Advertised for sale in the English magazine "Classic & Sports Car" by Duncan Hamilton & Co., England
March 2004 Sold by Duncan Hamilton & Co. to Mr. Imaoka in Japan
Car stored at Hamilton’s warehouse from 2004 to 2006
2006 Sold to Bruce Goddard in Sydney, Australia
2011 Still owned by Goddard
Late 2011 Sold to John Collins' Talacrest Ltd., Ascot, Berkshire, England
February 15, 2012 Factory certificate of Authenticity issued

Fantastic history below of the competition engine from #2001GT which in November 1961 - at the Ferrari factory - was installed in 2335GT

History courtesy of Barchetta:

60 - Fernand Tavano, F Dans les pas de Fernand Tavano p95, 96 "MO 57998"
60/may/22 dns 1000km Nuerburgring - Fernand Tavano/ Pierre Dumay #14
60/jun/19 - picked up from factory by Tavano - Fernand Tavano/Pierre Dumay #16 FaLM p47, 134 Dans les pas de Fernand Tavano p98, 100, 101 Pourret p297
60/jul/03 - 6th OA Cote de Macon-Solutré - Fernand Tavano
60/jul/17 - 1st IC Lyons-la-Foret - Fernand Tavano
60/aug/21 - 1st IC Cote d'Urcy - Fernand Tavano
60/sep/15-23 - 3rd OA Tour de France - Fernand Tavano/ Marcel Martin #159 TdF p153 Dans les pas de Fernand Tavano p106, 109, 112, 114 Pourret p267
60/oct/01 - 1st IC Plumelec Race - Fernand Tavano #33
60 - 1st Champion de France de la Montagne - Fernand Tavano
61/apr/16 - 1st Cote des "torces" d'Hebecrevon - Fernand Tavano/ Marcel Martin #54
61/apr/23 - 1st Rallye du Val de Loire - Fernand Tavano/ Marcel Martin
61/may/14 - dnf GP de Spa - Fernand Tavano #8
61/may/28 - 1st GT Rallye de La Baule - Fernand Tavano/ Marcel Martin #2 Dans les pas de Fernand Tavano p130
61/jun/04 - 4th OA 1st GT Cote de la Faucille - Fernand Tavano #40 Dans les pas de Fernand Tavano p131
61/jun/18 - 1st GT Cote du Pin - Fernand Tavano
61/jun/25 - 1st GT Cote du Mont Ventoux - Fernand Tavano #160 Dans les pas de Fernand Tavano p141
61 - 1st St. Lo Rally - Fernand Tavano

November 1961 - the engine from 2001GT was installed in 2335GT.