Chassis Number: 5697 GT Engine Number: 5697 GT Registration Number: 144 MYC

First registered on the 13th of April 1964 this right hand drive Lusso was sold by Maranello Concessionaires Ltd, Egham, to a Mr. Sidney William John Miller of Honeywood House, Rawhook, Horsham with Registration Number 217 PBP, in Blue Sera with black upholstery.

Sometime during the autumn of 1964 he sold the car back to Maranello Concessionaires Ltd who then sold it to Mr. Maurice Bingham Baring of Culmer House, Wormley, near Godalming, Surrey who re-registered it YN 4. When Maurice Baring first saw the car he refused to take delivery of it, saying that "all his Ferrari's must be red !!". Maranello agreed to strip and repaint the car for him into its present colour of "Ferrari Racing Red" at no extra cost.

Maurice was in certain ways very particular about his cars and painted many of the internal chrome surfaces mat black to stop reflections, painted the under surface below the front bumper mat black, had black tape wound round the throttle pedal, wrote his name and address on the handle of the tool bag and also on the car's handbook. A number of these things still appear on the car to this day.

He used the car for touring but also competed in a number of races with it, mainly with the Aston Martin Owners Club (AMOC) meetings at Silverstone. He also took it to the AMOC concours at Fort Belvidere in Great Windsor Park in 1965, which is where John Young Campbell first saw it, falling in love with it straight away. He made Maurice Baring promise to give him first offer of the car if ever he was to sell it. He was competing at Fort Belvidere with his DB 4GT Aston Martin, winning the Elite Class that particular day.

On the 22nd July 1966 Maurice wrote to John Campbell (letter on file), intimating that he was intending to sell the Lusso, and that he would accept £4,000.00 for her "by bankers draft". John Campbell contacted him to say he was interested but Maurice then wrote back on the 8th of August (letter on file), to say that he had done a deal with Maranello Concessionaires Ltd. to buy a new 275 GTB with various financial conditions attached, which meant that he had sold the Lusso to them.

On the 13th of September 1966 Maurice (obviously feeling somewhat guilty), again wrote to John Campbell (letter on file), letting him know that when he had been down at Maranello Concessionaires Ltd. in Poole Road, Bournemouth having his 275 GTB serviced, he noticed that his old Lusso was now for sale with them, and suggested that if he was still interested in owning the car he should contact them directly. It had been re-registered under the number FPD 648B at that particular point in time.

This he duly did and Maranello offered to sell him the car for £3,400.00, price to include a service, new tyres and various other odds and ends. John Campbell agreed to buy her and paid a deposit of £200.00, along with a cheque for £3,000.00 with another £200.00 cash paid when taking delivery of the car. Letters on file dated 3rd and 12th October, 1st November 1966, and Bill of Sale (on file) from Maranello Concessionaires Ltd, 87 Wellesley Road, London, W4, dated 30th September 1966.

John Campbell re-registered the Lusso JC 24 on 22nd March 1967 after having sold his DB 4 GT and transferring that private registration number. He got immense enjoyment using her for touring, some light competition work and concours from 1966 through to his death in 1976. There are a number of AMOC "Shield Awards" (mounted on a plaque which accompanies the car) for concours, racing and hill climbing in the Lusso, including a Fastest Time of Day (49.28 seconds) at Wiscombe Park Hill Climb in 1968.

During his ownership he had "oversized" tyres fitted to increase cornering ability. These tyres only just fouled the body work of the car and he decided to have small "flares" added to the wheel arches. While most certainly not original, he felt that they added to the character of the car.

On his death in 1976, the Lusso was passed to his son James Campbell, who had her dry stored until February 1998 when she was sent to Bob Smith at R.S. Panels Ltd., Nuneaton to have her "re-commissioned" prior to using her. (Invoices on file) James Campbell took her on tour to Spain twice, Italy (just managed to get inside the factory gates before being "spotted”), Finland, Sweden, Norway and various other car club events, all still under the Registration Number of 424.

On the 24th of May 2006 James Campbell gifted the Lusso to his son Marlyn Young Campbell and again she was put into dry storage until being re-registered 144 MYC on the 25th September 2013. Her latest "outing" was to take part in the Ecurie Ecosse Tour in May 2014, which was based in Inverness and covered some 300 plus miles in effortless comfort.

In total she has had two owners within the first two years of her life, thereafter a family ownership covering the next 48 years and covering some 29,000 miles.

A joy to own and use.

217 PBP Mr. Sidney William John Miller 1964
YN 4 Mr. Maurice Bingham Baring 1964 - 1966
FPD 648B Transitional number at Maranello Concessionaires Ltd.
JC 24 John Young Campbell 1966 - 1976
JC 24 James Campbell 1976 — 2006
144 MYC Martyn Young Campbell 2006 — present

M 0 T Certificates (on file):
4th November 1975 16,266 miles
18th March 1998 16,866 miles
30th April 1999 18,416 miles
26th May 2000 18,787 miles
12th June 2001 19,758 miles
27th June 2002 20,424 miles
16th July 2003 21,250 miles
16th August 2004 22,453 miles
14th June 2006 25,639 miles
11th November 2009 27,826 miles
29th July 2011 27,852 miles
3rd July 2013 28,060 miles
30th May 2014 28,741 miles

The car has been in one family ownership for the past 48 years untill purchased by Talacrest last month.

An unrepeatable opportunity to own a very special and original Lusso.