1965 FERRARI 275 GTS

1 of 200 made
Ferrari Classiche Certified
In original colours of Grigio Ferro and Rosso

Ferrari 275 GTS
The 275 GTS presented a major development over the previous 250 dropheads with a larger 3.3 litre engine producing 260bhp at 7,000rpm, only 20 horsepower fewer than when installed in the contemporary 275 GTB and resulted in the model's top speed of 145 mph. In addition for the first time on a road-going Ferrari, there was independent rear suspension, the latter employing a double wishbone and coil-spring arrangement similar to that of the 250LM sports-racer. The adoption of a rear-mounted five-speed transaxle combining the now all-synchromesh gearbox and differential in a single unit helped improve weight distribution, and this feature would characterise future generations of front-engined Ferrari road cars.

The driving experience is the raison d’être of Ferrari ownership, and in this respect the 275GTS had lost none of its predecessors’ aggressive charm. Car & Driver magazine had this to say: ‘Since the engine is heir to a V12 tradition that’s gone on for almost twenty years, it’s only natural that it should be the dominating factor in the car’s personality, and that the whole car should have been developed around the engine and its own unique character. You can feel it as much as you can hear it. It has a taut, powerful rush of response that comes to you through the seat of your pants, through the steering wheel rim. The instant the clutch is engaged, the chassis takes on life and begins to move as a unit with the engine, it’s an all-in-one-piece sensation that you normally feel only in racing cars, one that’s unique to the Ferrari among normal passenger vehicles today.’

One of only 200 275GTS models made, chassis number 07627 was completed in August 1965 and was delivered through Ferrari agent Renato Nocentini’s Garage La Rotonda in Prato-Florence. The first owner was Salvatore Le Pira of Catania, Sicily, to whom it was registered there on the local plate ‘CT 135720’. It is noted as having been serviced by the factory on July 11th, 1966.

In the 1970s, the car left Italy for America, and by May 1981 it was the property of Stephen White of Falls Church, Virginia, who is known to have kept the car until 1985. The subsequent owners purchased the Ferrari in 1989.

Over the course of the next twenty years in the US, the car saw only modest use and returned to Europe to be sold in Paris in 2009. The car was then restored in Switzerland to the highest standards to achieve Ferrari Classiche certification, finished in it's supremely elegant colour combination of Grigio Ferro with Rosso interior. In the last 10 years the car been maintained by acknowledged UK marque specialists and in 2020 #07627 was subject to a £60,000 refurbishment with a Ferrari main service agent.

Ready for touring, events or invigorating al fresco motoring to your local pub - a great example of this rare open top Ferrari.