- Number 17 of 200 made
- Marcel Massini report
- Extensive documented history
- Fresh paint September 2022

275 GTS
Launched at the 1964 Paris Motor Show together with it's Coupe sibling the 275 GTB - both cars shared the same running gear together with the Colombo designed 3.3 litre V12 engine - albeit the GTS variant in a slightly milder and tractable state of tune with 20 hp less produced at 600 lower rpm. This hardly makes the car a slouch - it was tested in period at 145 mph...

Designed as a replacement for the 250 GT Series 2 Spyder - the 275 GTS was produced by Pininfarina in Turin - with a limited production run restricted to just 200 examples (of which 14 were right hand drive) - the majority of which were predictably sold in the United States. This makes this pretty convertible rarer than it's Berlinetta brethren and in truth to drive - the car arguably makes a more relaxed and sweeter tourer. This model was made between 1964 and 1966.

The 275 GTS shares the same transaxle arrangement as a GTB and even today represents a really practical and rewarding driving experience.

#06909 - our car
#06909 left the factory in April 1965 as one of the earliest 275 GTS made to Milan dealers - Gastone Crepaldi Automobili. The car was sold to it's first owner Dr Giovanni Bodo in June a few months later and over the next 8 years was owned owned by 3 other owners in Italy - details in Massini report.

In 1973 the car was exported to the US and in 1974 was acquired by a respected Ferrari Club of America leader and enthusiast Tom Williamson, Jr. of North Carolina. #6909 was maintained in a climate-controlled garage and looked after by this well known enthusiast for 35 years. At the end of the Tom's ownership the appeared not to have any rust or accident damage, although the original engine was replaced with a correct tipo 213 engine from another 275 GTS. In june 2007 the car was acquired by Vincent Paul Bobba and underwent a complete front end rebuild by Patrick Ottis with detailing by Perfect reflections.

In 2015 the car was sold to Pierre Ehret - a German collector and racer of some repute domiciled in California, via Fantasy Junction and Dana Mecum. Two years later Fantasy advertised the car and sold it to a UK dealer whose client enjoyed the car for 5 years - including participation in the 2021 Zoute Grand Prix. Talacrest acquired the car this year and have just taken delivery of the car after we had commissioned the car to be painted in Blu Scuro.

We have extensive experience of the 275 GTS model, having sold a significant proportion of the total production run and several examples this year. We can confirm that #06909 is in superb driving condition and with it's fresh paint and comprehensive history file - represents a great opportunity for the next custodian to experience the thrill of open top V12 Ferrari motoring.