Legendary low-production model
1 of 26 RHD models made for worldwide markets
Torquey 4.4 litre V12 produces effortless performance - and makes all the right noises..

The Ferrari 330 GTC (Gran Turismo Coupé) was unveiled at the Geneva Salon in March 1966 and was designed to complement Ferrari’s sporting berlinetta, the 275 GTB, in much the same way that the 250 GT Pininfarina Coupé had complemented the 250 GT Tour de France. The 330 GTC combined many design elements from the most beautiful Ferrari automobiles, and it offered the latest development of Colombo’s legendary V-12 engine, with a chassis closely patterned after the 275 GTB. Legendary racing drivers Phil Hill and Paul Frère both proclaimed the model to be the best Ferrari built to date and one of the finest GT cars ever made.

In 1968, the 330 GTC received a batch of modest upgrades, including an increase in engine displacement, good for an additional 20 horsepower, resulting in the 365 GTC. This new model was instantly identifiable by the relocation of its front wing vents to the bonnet. The improved engine featured greater power at a lower range of the rpm band, with strong torque developing at as low as 2,500 rpm.

In addition to offering better mechanical performance than its predecessor, the 365 GTC was built in far smaller quantities, with only 168 examples produced between 1968 and 1970. As with all limited-production Ferraris, the small number built has made the 365 GTC valuable as much for its power and dashing good looks.

This car was sold new through legendary team owner Rob Walker and is finished in it's original and stunning colour of Rosso Nearco with black hide - a very rare colour combination. This example is 1 of 22 Right Hand Drive cars imported into the UK - only 26 RHD cars made for all world markets - and is in superb condition.