One of only 22 UK RHD Ferrari 365 GTCs made
Ferrari Classiche certification
Beautifully presented in an elegant colour combination

The Ferrari 365 GTC
In 1968 this model was presented as the successor to the 330 GTC. Essentially it was fitted with a larger engine, with the styling remaining almost the same, bar the fitment of non-vented front wings and a vented bonnet. 150 examples were built (including 22 RHD cars) between 1968 and 1970. The comparitively short production run was due to changes in emission legislation which would have been uneconomic to implement on the this model - which led to the car being replaced by the Ferrari 365 GTC/4. This model was the last Ferrari to feature a single overhead camshaft per bank engine. The nominal 20 extra horsepower over the 330 GTC - feels like more and 4.4 litre V12 delivers strong performance even by today's standards.

Our car - #12601
This Ferrari 365 GTC was ordered new by Mr G.B. Pilkington, the managing director of Vibroplant Limited, a plant hire, sales and servicing company based in Yorkshire, UK. In early 1969, Mr Pilkington began communication with Michael Salmon of Maranello Concessionaires, the sole UK importer of Ferraris, and in early July 1969, Ferrari invoiced Maranello Concessionaires for this 365 GTC, one of only 22 examples to be finished in right-hand drive. The car was finished in Oro Nashrullah (Gold) with a Nero (Black) interior. However, Mr Pilkington wanted a car with a Pelle Beige interior, so the car was returned to Pininfarina before delivery to be fitted with a beige interior. The Ferrari invoice also notes that the car was to be delivered via air freight, quite unusual for this era but perhaps a result of the delay incurred by having the interior changed.

By the end of July, Maranello Concessionaires delivered this 365 GTC to Mr Pilkington, accepting his Mercedes Benz 250 SL, valued at £3,500, on part exchange. The car was UK registered on license ‘DYG 921H’.

Mr Pilkington arranged with Maranello Concessionaires for his personal mechanic to receive specialist Ferrari training, allowing him to maintain this 365 GTC.

Later, this car was re-registered in the UK with license ‘YGV 81G’ before being bought by Mr John Maher in Australia. During his ownership, Mr Maher restored the car before selling it to Mr David Rodd, a resident in Victoria, Australia. Whilst Down Under, the car was regularly maintained by Sports and Classic Car Services. David Rodd is an avid Ferrari enthusiast, also owning a 1951 195 Ghia Aigle Coupe and a 1967 275 GTB/4. Also during its time in Australia, this 365 GTC was bought by Mr Brian Meredith and was then returned to the UK by Mr Jason Yates in 2012. Since returning to the UK, this 365 GTC has been maintained by Ferrari specialists without care to expense.