Road legal and road registered - ideal for brisk road use(!) or competition use.

This is the 3rd time we have owned this thoroughbred Ferrari - the last owner has painted the car blue and enjoyed the car over the summer - and now the car has come back to us as part of a large deal. Amazing value - see the video we shot below when the car was with us at the beginning of the year in it's original colour - together with the comprehensive history from when we previously sold the car.

Image below shows car racing in it's previous colour

Daytona Competition

Video below: 

Car history:

Chassis 17609

This 365 GTB/4 was Australian supplied in 1973 by WH Lowe.
The first owner Ivan Butterworth had originally seen this car at the 1974 motor show. The car was supplied in a dark green with tan interior it also had gold wheels and Californian mirrors.
Next owner Mr Bysher owned the car for 3 years.
Next owner Noel McDermott, one of Australia's largest independent Rolls Royce and Bentley dealer, carried out a full restoration and highly modified it to competition specs. Mr. Noel McDermott ran the car, end of the 1970’s early 1980’s, at several races and also Ferrari club events.
In 1987 Mr McDermott sold the car to European Auto Sales.
In 1988 the car was sold to Mr Mike Fisher in UK and registered DBY 480M.
In the same year Talacrest bought the car - and sold it to Peter Agg - and then in 1984 - Talacrest bought the car back and sold to Derek Welford.
In 1994 the car was sold to a private collector in Japan and then Japanese registered 53-38. During its time in Japan, the car was restored and repainted yellow and ran some local races.

In 2003 the car was sold to Mr Tiley from Surrey who did a complete restoration.

Notes kindly supplied by Mr Tiley - "I carried out an extensive restoration of the vehicle including body panels, new headlight box sections, respray and custom made interior with aluminium crafted crackle finish dash which matched a factory LM that DK had in storage and that we used as a guide. I spent £60k on these works plus a further £6k with GTO Engineering on fuel system and trumpet exhausts, etc"
The car also acquired a Historic Technical Passport in 2005.
In 2007 the car was sold to Mr Nigel Corner from Durham.
In 2009 the car was sold to Mr. Paul Verbeeck, registered again DBY 480M.
In winter 2009/2010 Roelofs Engineering, well known as THE Ferrari tuner, rebuild engine, gearbox, rear axle, suspension and brakes.
He tuned complete engine, gearbox, rear axle new ratio 9/35, suspension including adjustable shocks and stabi, new AP racing brakes. New piping, new water, oil and fuel lines. New fuel tanks, battery. Also fitted an EZ Power Steering. Total work €150.000.
GIPI Motors in Brussels did also some tuning work and bodywork including plastic folio protection.

The owner ran the car in several events in Europe.

This car is in absolutely excellent condition.

The Daytona is fitted with Michelin TB5 road legal racing tires and a road legal side exhaust. The car comes with a set wheels fitted with Dunlop Racing and a set of new (never used) Avon wet weather tires and a megaphone racing side exhaust. Those exhausts are switched very easily, a couple of minutes and 3 bolts. Finally a custom tailored car cover comes also with the car. All copies of tuning bills will also come with the car.

The car has been completely tuned by Piet Roelofs Engineering in winter 2010: engine 466.5 hp @ 7900rpm, gearbox, brakes, adjustable suspension, etc.

Previous owners comments on the competition history:

"I did 2 rallies, Coupe des Alpes and France Tour with the car and 6 races:

Coppa Intereuropa in Monza 2010 (2 races), Coppa Intereuropa in Monza 2011 (2 races) and Grand Prix de l'Age d'Or, in Dijon 2011 (2 races).

All those races where Prototypes and GT cars together. I finished the rallies and all the races without any technical problems.

Race results:
Class winner 5 times and 1 second.
Several 1st places in GT
Twice 3rd overall (just behind a Ferrari 512 and an Abarth Osella!)
Most of the pictures are pictures from Dijon June 2011 where you can see the overall condition of the car.

This car is in excellent condition, probably the best or one of the best Daytona Competition available.

As said, I have sold this car due to my age, I will be 70 early next year, and I am planning to stop racing."