Historic Ferrari Racecars


We have been pretty active on some discreet trading on some serious Ferrari competition cars recently - and when we can promote the deal - we often only put details of the car on our web site after a deal has been done. I guess the message is that if you are after a blue chip Historic Ferrari Racecar - call us first.

We have actively traded many serious competition cars - from 250 GTO's to the latest Ferrari prototypes - and if you are serious about a particular car - talk to us - we often trade historic racecars - which do not get to be profiled publicly at all due to client confidentiality clauses.

We can however promote this delightful 206 SP we sold last month - and currently have a similar model for sale - which will not be profiled on our web site - call us for details.

Details of the car here - http://www.talacrest.com/Ferrari-Sales/Ferrari-166sp---206sp/5508.htm