Two classic collector Ferrari sell in the last 3 days - whilst in transit to us


Really good "no stories" cars with provenance always sell well - but in the last 3 days - 2 Ferrari have sold before they have arrived here in the UK at our showrooms!

The ex Jayne Mansfield /  ex Eric Clapton Ferrari 275 GTS belonged to us in 1988 - so we were pleased to acquire the car from it's current owner in the US and planned to air freight the car over to our showrooms this week. The car sold at the weekend - more or less day after it went on the site. A truly fabulous car with impeccable provenance sure to give the new owner much pleasure.

Details on the car here -

Additionally we acquired a Ferrari 250 Lusso - another car we owned some time ago back in 1990 - with delightful patina finished in grey and black - in this case the car was not even put on the site before it was sold.

Details on the car here -

With the 3 Ferrari 275 GTB's we have sold and the 330 GTC and a 550 WSR - this means that we have sold 7 classic Ferrari so far this month - which tells you something about the market - and the desirability of the type of Ferrari that Talacrest sell.

This activity emphasises our position as number one in the collector Ferrari market - and we would like to re-iterate that if you want to actually sell your Ferrari now - opposed to SOR it - we can offer a good cash settlement immediately.